Murder at the Loch

Murder at the Loch 2My latest crime novel, Murder at the Loch, published by Severn House, is out now

During the bitterly cold December of 1955, Donald Langham is asked by his friend, private detective Ralph Ryland, to assist him on a case. Ryland has been contacted by their old commanding officer, Major Gordon, who has reasons to believe that his life is under threat at his remote castle in the Scottish Highlands.

On arriving at the castle, Langham and Ryland learn that Major Gordon is attempting to raise the wreck of a German plane which crashed into the loch in 1945. However, recent bad weather has put a halt to the progress of the salvage. But it’s not only the weather that is threatening the salvage. Soon after Langham’s arrival, one of the guests is brutally murdered – and the hunt is on to stop the killer before he – or she – strikes again.

Murder at the Loch is the third in the Langham and Dupré mystery series.



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7 responses to “Murder at the Loch

  1. Looking forward to getting to this one, I really enjoyed the first two Langham and Dupre mysteries 🙂

  2. Eric, I just picked up a copy of the first book in this series! Looking forward to reading them all. I love this cover!

  3. Karl

    Where can this book be purchased ifI live in the US ?

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