The Angels of Life and Death The Angels of Life and Death
by Eric Brown (ebook) [Dec 2010]
From cyberpunk visions of post-human futures to traditional tales of alien encounter and time travel, ten science fiction stories from the two times winner of the BSFA short story award.

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Approaching Omega Approaching Omega
by Eric Brown (ebook) [Sep 2011]
The mission to locate an Earth-like planet for colonisation has failed, three of the five colony sleeper hangars have been destroyed… Time to adjust mission parameters. Time to begin experimentation. Classic SF from international bestseller Eric Brown.

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Blue Shifting Blue Shifting
by Eric Brown (ebook) [Dec 2012]
A novella and seven stories from the two-times winner of the British Science Fiction Award for Short Fiction. Take a journey into an extraordinary universe… where life and love face the demands of mortality …where mankind has become Augmented or Altered, where zebra-men talk with unicorn-women …and where you can break the chains of physics in the cobalt glory of the Nada-continuum.

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The Fall of Tartarus The Fall of Tartarus
by Eric Brown (ebook) [May 2016]
In myth Tartarus was the lowest region of hell. In reality it is a world about to die… These are the stories of the people who are leaving Tartarus, those have decided to stay and those who are arriving on the planet for the apocalypse. “Eric Brown spins a terrific yarn”–SFX “British writing with a deft, understated touch: wonderful”–New Scientist

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Ghostwriting by Eric Brown Ghostwriting
by Eric Brown (ebook & print) [Mar 2012]
Over the course of a career spanning twenty five years, Eric Brown has written just a handful of horror and ghost stories – and all of them are collected here. Ranging from the psychological horror through fantastical horror to almost-mainstream, Ghostwriting is Eric Brown at his humane and compelling best.

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Meridian Days Meridian Days
by Eric Brown (ebook) [Aug 2011]
Meridian, twenty light years from Earth and with just a tiny scattering of inhabitable islands, seems the perfect place for to escape the tragedy of his past. When he meets Fire Trevellion he is drawn into a world of corruption and murder that is far darker than his past. Soon it’s all he can do just to survive…

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Penumbra Penumbra
by Eric Brown (ebook) [Dec 2011]
When a young tug pilot’s career is ruined by a collision in Earth orbit he has no choice but to accept a commission to fly an eccentric ship builder to a planet far from the trade routes. Discovering alien ruins on the planet and the hulk of a missing generation ship they are thrown into the centre of a conspiracy that reaches back centuries. A key novel from one of the UK’s favourite SF writers.

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Rites of Passage Rites of Passage
by Eric Brown (ebook) [Jun 2014]
Rites of Passage gathers four long stories, one of which is original to the collection. “Bartholomew Burns and the Brain Invaders” features a Victorian London facing the threat of alien invasion and the mysterious ‘Guardian’ who saves the day. “Guardians of the Phoenix” is set in a near-future, post-apocalyptic world where water is in short supply and roaming bands will do anything to obtain it, while “Sunworld” is about a strange world where the sun is fixed eternally overhead and Yarrek Merwell makes a discovery that will change everything. The longest story, “Beneath the Ancient Sun” has never appeared before and is set on a far-future Earth where giant crabs and a swollen sun threaten humanity’s very existence.

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The Time-Lapsed Man and other stories by Eric Brown The Time-Lapsed Man and other stories
by Eric Brown (ebook) [Dec 2012]
In Eric Brown’s landmark first collection of stories, fear, desire, love and redemption are forged with an innovative and stunning science-fiction imagination, creating eight exotic tales of tomorrow.

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A Writer's Life A Writer’s Life
by Eric Brown (ebook) [Dec 2010]
In a departure from his science fiction roots, Eric Brown has written a haunting novella that explores the essence of creativity, the secret of love, and the tragedy that lies at the heart of human existence.

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