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Telemass Coda

The ten thousand word novella, Telemass Coda, is out now from PS Publishing.

When Matt Hendrick’s wife Mercury is lost while talking a Telemass trip from Mars to Earth, existing in a state neither dead nor alive – but in an ‘indeterminate state’ – he finds himself in an indeterminate state himself, torn between grief and hope. Hendrick had planned to take Mercury and his daughter Samantha on a trip to distant stars, retracing the journey he had made years earlier while attempting to rescue Samantha…

In a bid to distract her father, Samantha persuades him to make the journey anyway, and they embark on a fateful recapitulation of the original sojourn. But unbeknownst to Hendrick, Samantha has an agenda of her own – which just might bring about Mercury’s salvation.

Telemass Codas is the moving finale to the Telemass Quartet.


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