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Murder Most Vile

Murder Most Vile, the ninth book the the Langham and Dupré series, is out now from Severn House.

It was not I, but rage, did this vile murder; Yet I, and not my rage, must answer it.” – Thomas Heywood.

April, 1957. When Donald Langham is approached by a retired businessman to find his artist son, what starts as a simple missing persons case soon turns to murder as a body is discovered in a disused warehouse.

While investigating the killing, Langham’s business partner Ralph Ryland must confront his past as a Mosley-ite Blackshirt in the Thirties. In the course of their search for the murderer, Ralph is kidnapped by a gangland boss and Langham must not only attempt to save his friend’s life, but track down a killer who strikes not once but three times…

Murder Most Vile combines a traditional whodunnit mystery with gripping suspense and a thrilling dénouement.



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