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Short Stories and Novellas

My short-short tale, “Dear LZ-75-53b”, is now up at Daily SF. It’s an epistolary, dystopian tale about a consumer who refuses to consume… Click here to read the story.

On the short story front, I’ve recently sold two collections to PS Publishing: The Disciples of Apollo and other stories: the best of Eric Brown (which shows I’m getting old), and The Ice Garden and other stories. The first volume will be a hefty tome coming in at over one hundred thousand words; the second will be around half that length. They’re due out next October.

Novellas: with Keith Brooke I’m working on a series of novellas for PS Publishing entitled The Kon-tiki Quartet. The first, Dislocations, will be out next winter, followed by Parasites six months later. They chart humankind’s first extra-solar colony mission to a planet orbiting the star 19 Draconis – a series of high-tech stories featuring FTL travel, the consequences of time dilation, cloning, alien encounters, telepathy and much more.


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Starship Seasons Audio

Starship Seasons is now available to pre-order as an audio book from Circle of Spears

On the backwater colony world of Chalcedony, Delta Pavonis, all is not what it seems… All David Conway wants after the death of his daughter and the break-up of his marriage is a quiet life away from Earth — and when he comes to Chalcedony he thinks he’s found that. What he does find is a group of people whose friendship will change his life forever, as well as a haunted starship, extraterrestrials with an uncanny ability to read future events, and a conflict between alien races that has lasted for millennia. . . and is about to begin all over again.



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