Here are the writers (and one artist, whose work has appeared on many of my books) I’ve collaborated with on short stories, novels and scripts over the past few years.

Tony Ballantyne, is the author of twelve stories published in Interzone, including “Teaching the War Robot to Dance”, “Gorillagram” and “Indecisive Weapons”. His first novel, Recursion, was published by Macmillan Tor in 2004, and he has published three more, since. We’ve collaborated on a Kéthani story “Matthew’s Passion”.

Stephen Baxter is the author of more than fifteen best-selling SF novels, includingThe Time Ships, Time, Space, and most recently Coalescent. He has written two novels with Arthur C. Clarke, The Light of Other Days and Time’s Eye. Steve was born in Liverpool in 1957 and has a degree from the University of Cambridge and a Ph.D from Southampton. He writes cutting-edge SF of the hard variety, his novels and stories packed with wildly imaginative extrapolative speculation. We’ve written three stories together, “Sunfly” Interzone 100, “The Spacetime Pit” Interzone 107, and “Green-Eyed Monster” Spectrum SF 2.

Keith Brooke, SF novelist, short story writer and editor, lives in Wivenhoe, Essex. He’s the author of eight SF and fantasy novels, as well as a host of varied short stories in markets as diverse as Interzone, Aboriginal SF, Other Edens and Beyond. We’ve collaborated on seven stories: “Appassionata” Interzone 109, “Sugar and Spice” Interzone 112, “Under Antares” Interzone 126, “The Flight of the Oh Carrollian” Interzone 145, “Mind’s Eye” Spectrum SF 1, the novelette “The Denebian Cycle” Interzone 152, and the novella “In Transit”. These stories, were collected in Parallax View, first published by the Sarob press in 2000; the novella “In Transit” is original to later editions of the collection. Under the name of Nick Gifford, Keith has written the popular Piggies, Flesh and Blood, and Like Father.

Michael Coney. I discovered Michael’s lyrical, character-driven novels and short stories in the mid-eighties, among which The Girl with a Symphony in her Fingers, Hello Summer, Goodbye, and Brontomek!, are outstanding. The latter won the BSFA Best Novel award for 1976. Together we wrote “The Trees of Terpsichore Three”, published in Spectrum SF 8. It turned out to be his last published story: Mike passed away on November 4th 2005.

Dominic Harman was born in 1974 and is one of the finest cover artists in the business, with his spectacular art work gracing books from all the major publishers in Britain, Europe and the States. I’ve been lucky enough to have Dom’s work on the covers of several of my books. He lives in East Sussex.

Josh Lacey lives in London. He was born in 1968 and is the author of the popular Grk books for children, among many others. Together we’ve written scripts and film and TV treatments.