Children’s Books

A Monster Ate My Marmite A Monster Ate My Marmite, Barrington Stoke, 2011

Mouse and Millie are back!

Another adventure featuring the friends Mouse and Millie, and their orange alien friend Umba-Wumba. This time, their homework is to write a story about knights… Luckily for them Umba-Wumba’s space-time ship can take them back to the year 1400 to see for themselves. They meet a real knight, but he has a big problem… He has to kill a monster that’s loose in the village… Can Mouse and Millie help?

A Monster Ate My Marmite was short-listed for the Sheffield Book Award, 2012.

* * *

Dino A Dinosaur Ate My Socks, Barrington Stoke, 2009

Another exciting adventure featuring Mouse and Millie and their alien friend Umba-Wumba. This time the three friends venture back in time in Umba-Wumba’s fabulous space-time ship and visit the age of the dinosaurs. What happens when allosaurs surround the space-time ship – and why did the allosaur eat Mouse’s sweaty socks?

* * *

Guilty Guilty?, Barrington Stoke, 2009

My children’s book for reluctant readers, Guilty?, has just been published by Barrington Stoke. Nicky is the victim of a vicious bully called Kev – but when Kev demands money in the park that Friday, Nicky has had enough. But did Nicky kill Kev in the fight that followed…?

* * *

alien(kb) An Alien Ate Me for Breakfast, Barrington Stoke, 2007

One minute, Mouse’s biggest problem is the local bully. The next – he’s taken away by aliens!

Mouse and Millie’s big adventure starts on a space-ship and ends with them on an alien menu. Can Mouse and Millie find their way back to Earth – or will they be eaten for breakfast?

An exciting adventure novel for 8-10 year olds.

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Crazy-Love Crazy Love, Barrington Stoke, 2006

‘Hi, I’m Trish – Trish Green. This is my diary. I kept it for a week. It was the most important week of my life… I didn’t like myself before that week. I was a bitch, a real bitch. Then I met someone, and things began to get a lot better… And then things got a lot worse.’

Trish has everything, and knows she can have any boy she wants. Instead she starts a cruel game with Dennis, the geekiest boy in school. But soon the joke is on her as she begins to fall for him.

Crazy Love is a character study of a not very nice person, written from the viewpoint of ‘The Bitch That Bites’.

* * *

space ace Space Ace, Barrington Stoke, 2005

Billy dreams of flying in space, and one day his Grandad promises to take him on a trip around the Earth. But it all goes wrong when the ship’s computer takes over and they zoom away on a grand tour of the Solar System. Will they ever make it home?

A book for younger readers: “Fiction with stacks of facts”. Running alongside Billy and Grandad’s story are tons of facts about the planets of the solar system, the sun, the moon and the asteroids.

* * *

british-front_large British Front, Barrington Stoke, 2005

(Now retitled Race Against Time). I was inspired to write British Front by an anti-racism poster I saw in a window at Leeds University. It showed the Union Flag cut up and rearranged so that the cross of St. George resembled a Swastika. I thought it a striking and effective image, which would make a great book cover. Unfortunately, the ad agency which designed the poster would not allow it to be used. So it goes.

British Front tells the story of two teenagers who find themselves transported through time to a fascistic future Britain, where the nutters of the British National Party and their like have won the day… with terrifying results.

* * *

firebug Firebug, Barrington Stoke, 2003

This was my second book for this publisher, written for fourteen to eighteen year olds. Firebug is a simple, straightforward story about complex themes which, I hope, young adults will find interesting, thought-provoking and entertaining. Danny is being bullied – until he discovers the dangerous and empowering magic of fire, which leads him to take a terrible revenge.

* * *

twocking Twocking, Barrington Stoke, 2002

The Edinburgh-based company Barrington Stoke produces books for reluctant readers. Twocking was my first book for Barrington Stoke, although the third I attempted before I learned how to write in a simple style that didn’t come over as patronising to older reluctant readers.

It’s a story about Emma and Joey, joy-riders, and the consequences of their actions. (Twocking is an acronym: Taking Without Owner’s Consent).

* * *

Webu The Web: Walkabout, Orion Dolphin, 1999

Walkabout was the second book I wrote in the Web series. It features Suzie, an aboriginal girl selected to play in the Australian under-16 soccer team in the year 2038. And it’s also about the wonderful world of the Web – the realm of virtual reality threatened by a  strange alien invasion.

* * *

Web The Web: Untouchable, Orion Dolphin, 1997

The first book I wrote in the Web series is about Ana, a one-legged Untouchable beggar girl, and her brother Ajay – how they find the amazing world of the Web, and the adventures they have there.

This was a great book to write. I loved contrasting the Indian scenes with those set in VR, comparing Ana’s life as a beggar with the virtual freedom she discovered in the Web.