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On Arcturus VII

My latest novella, On Arcturus VII, is out now from NewCon Press.

Former pilot and planetary pioneer Jonathan James is tempted out of retirement by an offer he can’t refuse. It means going back to the one place he vowed never to return to: Arcturus Seven. A Closed Planet; a hothouse world where every plant and animal is hell-bent on killing and consuming you; the place that cost him the life of the only woman he has ever truly loved.

Jonathan knows the wealthy tycoon seeking to recruit him cannot be trusted, but he has no choice. If he doesn’t do it, someone else will, and Arcturus Seven has a secret, one which must never be disclosed, so Jonathan accepts the mission even though it means facing memories he has spent years denying.

On Arcturus VII is a fabulous slice of planetary romance from award-winning author Eric Brown. A sparkling tale of intrigue, adventure, and romance; traditional in style but wholly contemporary in its delivery.

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