Short Stories and Novellas

My short-short tale, “Dear LZ-75-53b”, is now up at Daily SF. It’s an epistolary, dystopian tale about a consumer who refuses to consume… Click here to read the story.

On the short story front, I’ve recently sold two collections to PS Publishing: The Disciples of Apollo and other stories: the best of Eric Brown (which shows I’m getting old), and The Ice Garden and other stories. The first volume will be a hefty tome coming in at over one hundred thousand words; the second will be around half that length. They’re due out next October.

Novellas: with Keith Brooke I’m working on a series of novellas for PS Publishing entitled The Kon-tiki Quartet. The first, Dislocations, will be out next winter, followed by Parasites six months later. They chart humankind’s first extra-solar colony mission to a planet orbiting the star 19 Draconis – a series of high-tech stories featuring FTL travel, the consequences of time dilation, cloning, alien encounters, telepathy and much more.


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