Jani and the Great Pursuit

ZjaniJani and the Great Pursuit is out now.

Pursuit follows Janisha Chatterjee as she flees India aboard the airship Pride of Edinburgh, pursued by the scheming Hindu priest Durga Das and his henchman Mr Knives. Apprehended aboard the Edinburgh by the British, she’s forced to abandon ship with her loyal followers Lieutenant Alfie Littlebody and Anand Doshi. Landing in Greece, they find their lives once more under threat – and, after many adventures and derring-do, arrive in London and search for the alien Mahran… with not only Durga Das on their trail but British and Russian agents too.

Will Jani manage to escape her pursuers? Will she unite with Mahran and save the world from the invasion of the alien Zhell…?

Jani is graced by a lovely cover by Dominic Harman.



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2 responses to “Jani and the Great Pursuit

  1. new reader.is there a sequel to ” The Kings of Eternity”? Great story. A great lesson in life put to pen. E. Bissett.

    • Hi Edward. Thanks for your kind comments, but no, I have no plans to write a sequel. The story is told. (It’s my own favourite among my novels, so your appreciation is much valued).

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