Two New Novellas

reunion-on-alpha-reticuli-ii-jhc-by-eric-brown-[3]-3853-pMy latest novellas, from PS Publishing, are out now. Starship Coda is the wrap-up of thestarship-coda-hc-by-eric-brown-[3]-3852-p (1) Starship series, a long short story, or short novella, of 10,500 words. Reunion on Alpha Reticuli II is the third instalment of the Telemass Quartet. Read more about them on the Novellas page of this website.

I’ll be at EasterCon in Manchester this coming weekend to sign copies of both books.



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2 responses to “Two New Novellas

  1. Bill

    reading the serene invasion. what do you know of the republican party in America? nothing
    the republican party ended slavery. the republican party helped african americans in the years following slavery. they were being educated and were part of society, until the party that ran slavery, the democrat party could not take it and when they got control of presidency and congress enacted jim crowe laws that basically made slaves of blacks again with no rights and also gave rise to the democrat parties KKK. all the crime centers of America are run by and populated by democrats(liberals.. 90% of crime in America is done by democrats(liberals). The lowest crime areas in America with crime lower than almost all places in the world are run by and populated by republicans. democrats enacted “welfare” which at the time 80% of afrivan american households had 2 parents. since then it is now under 20% have 2 parents. gey your facts straight in who the real devil in America is.I enjoy your books, but your un informed views in this book pissed me off.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Bill.

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