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Kéthani is now out from Solaris, featuring a breathtaking cover by John Harris.

Saturday the 10th saw me signing copies at Forbidden Planet, London, and I’d like to thank everyone who turned up. Especially nice to meet SF writer Nigel Brown – no relation – and old friends Keith Brooke and Josh Lacey.

Kéthani has been described by one reviewer as the most benign alien invasion story ever written, which is a pretty good description of the novel. It’s about the eponymous Kéthani and their gift to humanity: immortality – and how this changes everything we’ve ever taken for granted. It’s a quiet, unsensational story of a group of friends in a small West Yorkshire village, and how they react to the coming of the Kéthani.

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Threshold Shift


‘The Children of Winter’ first appeared in Interzone 163, January 2001

‘Thursday’s Child’ first appeared in Spectrum SF 9, October 2002

‘Ascent of Man’ first appeared in Interzone 167, May 2001

‘Ulla, Ulla’ first appeared in The Mammoth Book of Science Fiction, 2001

‘The Kéthani Inheritance’ first appeared in Spectrum SF 7, November 2001

‘Instructions for Surviving the Destruction of Star-Probe X-11-57′ first appeared in Spectrum SF 6, July 2001

‘Eye of the Beholder’ first appeared in Interzone 119, May 1997

‘The Touch of Angels’ is original to the collection.

‘The Spacetime Pit’ (with Stephen Baxter) first appeared in Interzone 107, May 1996

‘Hunting the Slarque’ first appeared in Interzone 141, March 1999

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Welcome to www.EricBrown.co.uk

Latest Books:

Helix is out now from Solaris. It’s a SF adventure about a group of human spacers who find themselves in a very strange star system, and the aliens who live there. To read more, click on the Novels link, left.

Starship Summer, a long science fiction novella, is out now from PS Publishing.

Revenge, a short thriller for adult reluctant readers, is now out from Barrington Stoke.

Parallax View, the collection written with Keith Brooke,  first published by Sarob Press, has just been reissued by Immanion Press. It includes a new novella, In Transit, written with Keith, and drops the two solo stories of the first edition.

Threshold Shift, a collection of SF stories, is out now from Golden Gryphon in the US.

Forthcoming books:


  • Kéthani, the collected Kéthani stories, with linking sections, will be published by Solaris in May 2008.
  • Gilbert and Edgar on Mars, a novella featuring G.K. Chesterton, Edgar Rice Burroughs and their adventures on the red planet, will be published by PS Publishing in 2009.


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