Welcome to www.EricBrown.co.uk

Latest Books:

Helix is out now from Solaris. It’s a SF adventure about a group of human spacers who find themselves in a very strange star system, and the aliens who live there. To read more, click on the Novels link, left.

Starship Summer, a long science fiction novella, is out now from PS Publishing.

Revenge, a short thriller for adult reluctant readers, is now out from Barrington Stoke.

Parallax View, the collection written with Keith Brooke,  first published by Sarob Press, has just been reissued by Immanion Press. It includes a new novella, In Transit, written with Keith, and drops the two solo stories of the first edition.

Threshold Shift, a collection of SF stories, is out now from Golden Gryphon in the US.

Forthcoming books:


  • Kéthani, the collected Kéthani stories, with linking sections, will be published by Solaris in May 2008.
  • Gilbert and Edgar on Mars, a novella featuring G.K. Chesterton, Edgar Rice Burroughs and their adventures on the red planet, will be published by PS Publishing in 2009.


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6 responses to “Welcome to www.EricBrown.co.uk

  1. Jeremy G

    Mr. Brown.. Helix has by far.. Become my favorit book that i have ever read.. I have not been able to put it down since the momant i started reading it. The way the story is portrayed by every different charecter is amazing, especcaly since they are all alien to eachother. I love this book.. If there was a sequil to it, i would love to know what happens after. You are now in my top 3 favorit writers.

  2. L. Nickels

    You need help. I’m reading Murder at the Loch, copyright 2016. In Chapter 3, your main characters are traveling to the castle from Inverness. In one paragraph you state ” Their headlights were assisted by the illumination of a full moon…..”. Four short paragraphs later you state “Langham peered out at the pelting downpour,…..”. You need to hire a better editor to catch these mistakes.

    • Why is this a mistake, L. Nickels? A full moon shining through cloud and pelting rain are not mutually exclusive, at least not here in Scotland. Perhaps weather is different in the US? I don’t think I need help.

  3. Leonie Hargreaves

    Murder by the Book great read, hope you write more murder mysteries.
    Sci-fi not my thing, sorry

    • Hi Leonie,

      Delighted you liked Murder by the Book. Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve written four more in the Langham and Dupre series. The fifth, Murder Takes a Turn, will be in in the UK next March and in the US in July.

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