Murder at Standing Stone Manor

The eighth Langham and Dupré mystery, Murder at Standing Stone Manor, is due out in June from Severn House.

January, 1957. Donald Langham and Maria Dupré have left London behind for the Suffolk countryside. They’re excited about starting a new life in the picturesque village of Ingoldby-over-Water – and about meeting their new neighbours.

They’ve barely settled into Yew Tree Cottage when their new neighbour at Standing Stone Manor, Professor Edwin Robertshaw, invites Donald over to discuss some ‘fishy business’. Then, a few days later, a body is found by the professor’s precious standing stone in the manor grounds.

As they settle into the community, Donald and Maria discover tensions, disputes and resentment raging below the surface of this idyllic village, but can they find out which of the villagers is a cold-blooded killer?


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