“Me Two”

Lightspeed 129, February 2021, features my collaboration with Keith Brooke, “Me Two”. Click here for more details.

Here’s the opening of the story…

For as long as I can remember, I have always been two people.

My earliest recollection is of myself as a three year-old boy, Danny – and at the same time as a girl of the same age, Cristina.

Another early memory is of playing in the rubble of the bomb-ravaged streets of London, when I asked a little boy, “Who will you be tomorrow?” He looked at me as if I were mad.

I took it for granted that everyone I met, everyone in the world, was two people like me: one day I was Danny Madison of 10 Milton Street, Barnes, London; and the next I would be Cristina Velásquez of 122a Carrer del Santuari, El Carmel, Barcelona.

I went to bed as Danny and woke up in the morning as Cristina.

When as Cristina I asked my mother who she would be tomorrow, she said, “Why, myself. Why do you ask?”

I told her about Danny, and I think she assumed I was making him up – a kind of imaginary friend.

As Danny, I asked my mother and father at breakfast one morning, straight out, “Why am I two people?” By this time I knew that no one else of my acquaintance experienced life quite as I did.

They exchanged a worried look. “What do you mean, Danny?” my father asked.

I explained about Cristina, and that tomorrow I would be her, and my mother said, “I think you’re imagining things, Danny.”

I intuited their concern, and decided never to mention it again.


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