President-Elect Biden

I raised a glass in celebration of Joe Biden’s victory last night, along no doubt with the seventy-five million Democrats across America who voted for sanity after almost four years of divisive Trump presidency. The bewilderment on this side of the Atlantic is how seventy million Americans could vote for Trump. It will be a relief not to be subjected to his peculiar brand of narcissism and bigotry every time I switch on the news – though I dread to think how Trump might choose to promulgate his hate-filled bile when he leaves office in January.

Well done Mr Biden.



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9 responses to “President-Elect Biden

  1. A D Penniborough

    I don’t think Trump will go away, or his brand of politics. How significant he remains to the world has much to do with how significant he remains to the Republican Party. He received 70 million votes. They have to balance how many of those are from the Republican tribe and how many are plain mad. I wouldn’t be surprised if he feels shafted by the party and stands as an independent in 2024, thus splitting the right wing vote. Kamala Harris would be shoo in. Keep up the good work, Mr Brown.

  2. Mark Stephenson

    Thank you, Eric. As an American, there is no way I can adequately describe the joy that those of us who have lived in horror for the past four years now feel. The ugliness, cruelty and proud ignorance of Trumpism is too extensive to catalogue in a list here in your comments. If you will recall, I posted a message four years on your site in response to your bafflement that Trump could even have been elected. I have had a lump of despair in my gut since “the morning after” in November 2016, and since then a level of rage against Trump and his supporters that conjures Yoda’s warning not to give in to hate. No matter what the cause, hate does lead to a darkness of the soul I never thought I could feel. But yesterday, it was as if a bubble had burst and the rage and despair with it. You may have seen images of the spontaneous, joyful demonstrations that have broken out across America. To conjure another SF image, it reminds me of the closing scenes of Return of the Jedi. We are now Tatooine, Bespin, Naboo and Coruscant all rolled into one. The Emperor isn’t dead, but he is being defanged. How 70 million people could reaffirm their support for a lying traitor I will never understand, but change is coming. We will rebuild our relationships with our closest allies and restore sanity to American politics. It will be a long process. A lot of damage has been done during the past four, hellish years. But now it begins.

    Now, back to my favorite topic: SF. The genre that has helped keep me sane during this nightmare. I recently burned through your Bengal Station trilogy, and it was absolutely brilliant!! I bought them several years ago, but since my house will one day collapse from the weight of the SF volumes it contains it has been a while before I could get to them. I cannot remember when I last cared as much about the characters in a work of literary SF. Great stories, perfect pacing and action and a wonderful conclusion. A perfect trilogy! Kudos and thank you for having written it.

    God bless, stay well and let’s get back to fighting this damned virus as a world united.

    • Well said, Mark – and many thanks for your kind words about the trilogy. I’m delighted with those books. I wanted to show, in Vaughan’s character, his journey from nihilism to redemption – as well as telling a cracking tale. Take care, and here’s to a united future in the US and the world.

  3. Lee W Pfahler

    Thank you Eric for your toast! Also as an American as Mark stated it has been baffling to see the support for Trump, especially from those like me who are Christians, but then again maybe not! Looked what happened in Germany when the Church was mostly silent! And now 5 days after the election and a day after Biden was declared the winner, the words and accusations I’m reading and hearing from not only Trump’s supporters but from the little man himself is dreadful and totally inappropriate. Thanks again for your kind words! And I hope our drama hasn’t kept you from your inspiration too much! Take care.

  4. Thanks, Lee. Well, the drama has been almost unbearable of late – but I planned to finish the first draft of the book I’m working on on the Tuesday before the election results were due in, and I managed it. My reasoning was that, if Trump was re-elected, I’d be too depressed to work for a week or so. Very best.

  5. Lee Pfahler

    Is this a new science fiction or mystery novel?

    • Hi Lee, Well… that’s an interesting question. It’s neither SF nor mystery. It’s a ‘kind’ of horror-fantasy-mainstream novel – but light on the first two – about hobs living under North Yorkshire, entitled, at the moment, Under England. Very best, Eric.

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