Several of my stories fall into series. Following each of the story details, below, is a letter denoting the relevant series.

S = Salvageman Ed stories, about Captain Ed of the salvage ship A Long Way From Home, and his crew of Karrie, an engineer, and Ella, an AI pilot.

K = The Kéthani stories. These stories are set in the near future, in the region where I lived in West Yorkshire. The Kéthani are a race of aliens, never seen in the stories themselves, who have bestowed the dubious gift of immortality upon the human race. The stories deal with the consequences of the gift. They are low-tech, small-scale, and quiet: they’re more about the featured characters and how they deal with the ‘gift’ than about the aliens and the science of immortality. In 2007 I rewrote the stories and added linking material to form the novel Kéthani.

E = Engineman stories. These feature men and women who, by power of their minds alone, push vast starships through the gulfs of space, and in so doing attain a kind of nirvana. The novel Engineman is at the core of this future history.

T = The Fall of Tartarus: stories set on the world of Tartarus, whose sun is going nova. These stories are set in the decades leading up to the blow-out and feature the people who chose to leave the planet, remain, or return. They were collected in The Fall of Tartarus, 2005.

SO = Stories set in Sapphire Oasis, an artist’s colony in the Sahara desert. These stories also fall into the Telemass future history.

TM = Telemass stories. These are set in the future, after the time of the Enginemen, when telemass devices have superseded starships.

BH = Ben Henderson stories, featuring the retired gem-cutter, Henderson, and his life in the backwater resort of Magenta Bay, Altair III. These stories also fall into the Telemass future history.

The stories marked (C) are crime.

Stories marked (N) are novellas over fifteen thousand words.

Stories marked * are for children.


163) “Acts of Defiance” in Burning Brightly (Winter)

162) “A Woman and Her Dog” at Horla (Autumn)

161) “The Curse of Carmody Grange” in The Return of Sherlock Holmes (Summer) (C)

160) “Me Two” (with Keith Brooke) in Lightspeed 129, (February)


159) “Gorilla Tactics” in The Book of Extraordinary Impossible Crimes and Puzzling Deaths (Summer) (C)

158) “Panspermia High” in Albedo One #49 (Spring)


157) “Zarla’s World” in The Disciples of Apollo (Winter)

156) “Conway and the Almarans” in The Ice Garden (Autumn)

155) “Going” in The Ice Garden (Autumn)

154) “Dimensions of Deceit” in The Ice Garden (Autumn) (S)

153) “Telemass Coda” in The Telemass Omnibus (Autumn) (TM)

152) “The Mystery of the Missing Vermeer” in Amateur Sleuths and Private Eyes (Autumn) (C)

151) “The First Locked Room” in Extraordinary Historical Mystery Stories (Summer) (C)


150) “Varah” in Daily SF (18th September)


149) “The Ice Garden” in Improbably Botany (Winter)

148) “Dear LZ-75-53b” in Daily SF (30th November)

147) “Targets” in Shoreline of Infinity 8 (Summer)

146) Guns-U-Like” in Microcosms (Spring)

145) “Children of Earth” in Microcosms (Spring)

144) “Some Notes on Owning A Human Being…” in Microcosms (Spring)

143) “The Oth” in Microcosms (Spring)

142) History of Planet Earth” in Microcosms (Spring)

141) “Memorial” in Microcosms (Spring)

140) “Acknowledgments” in Microcosms (Spring)


139) “The Hunt” in Daily SF (7th October)

138) “Ten Sisters” in Now We Are Ten (Spring)

137) “Starship Coda” PS Publishing (Spring)

136) “Beyond the Heliopause” (with Keith Brooke) Lightspeed, (January)


135) “Fixation Morbidity” Daily SF (3rd November)

134) “Dead Reckoning” at (June)

133) “Running the Asylum” at (May)

132) “Reductio ad Absurdum” at (May)


131) “The End of the World” (with Keith Brooke) Paradox (Autumn)

130) “Beneath the Ancient Sun” Rites of Passage (Autumn) (N)

129) “P.O.O.C.H.” Strange Visitors

128) “Meeting Myself on Planet Earth” MoonShots (Spring)

127) “The Alien Tithe” Daily SF (6th March)


126) “Bartholomew Burns and the Brain Invader” Aethernet #5, #6, #7, #8

125) “Iris and the Caliphate” Fifteen (Autumn)

124) “End Game” Salvage (S)

123) “Salvaging Pride” Salvage (S)

122) “To All Appearances” Salvage (S)

121) “The Manexan Exodus” Salvage (S)

120) “Diamond Doubles” Daily SF (16th July)

119) “Seleema and the Spheretrix” The Angels of Life and Death (Spring)

118) “The Tragic Affair of the Martian Ambassador” Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (Winter)


117) “Incident on Oblomov” The Hub 145 (S)

116) “Aesthetic Appreciation on Asperex” The Hub 144

115) “Visiting Planet Earth” Daily SF (28th January)


114) “Differences” Albedo One (December)

113) “Bukowski on Mars, with Beer” Vivisepulture (November)

112) “The Scribe of Betelgeuse V” Postscripts 26/27 (Autumn)

111) “Eternity’s Children” (with Keith Brooke) Solaris Rising (Autumn)

110) “The House” House of Fear (Autumn)

109) “Soul” Now We Are 5 (Summer)

108) “In Pursuit of the Chuchunaa” Fables from the Fountain (Spring)

107) “The Soul of the Machine” Further Conflicts (Spring) (S)


106) “Laying the Ghost” Clarkesworld 49 (October) (S)

105) “The Human Element” Postscripts 22/23 (Autumn) (C)

104) “Guardians of the Phoenix” The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF (Summer)

103) “Dissimulation Procedure” Conflicts (April)


102) “In The Recovery Room” Nature 462 (December)

101) “Bengal Blues” Death Ray 20 (August)

100) “The Rest is Speculation” The Mammoth Book of Mindblowing SF (July)

99) “Taipusan” Cemetery Dance 60 (Summer)

98) “Cold Testing” Asimov’s (June) (S)

97) “Salvage Rites” We Think, Therefore We Are (January) (S)


96) “Ghostwriting” Cemetery Dance 59 (Winter)

95) “People of Planet Earth” The Hub 58 (July)

94) “State Secret” Postscripts 15, (Summer)

93) “Matthew’s Passion” Kéthani (with Tony Ballantyne) (May) (K)

92) “Sunworld” The Solaris Book of New SF 2 (April)

91) “Uncertain World” Fantasy Adventures 13 (February)

90) “Op Day” Fantasy Adventures 13 (February)

89) “The Sin of Edward Veron” Fantasy Adventures 13 (February) (SO)


88) “Three’s A Crowd” Thrilling Wonder Stories 1 (Summer) (S)

87) “New York Games” The Hub 3 (April)

86) “In Transit” (with Keith Brooke) in the collection Parallax View (March) (N)

85) “The Farewell Party” The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction (February) (K)


84) “The Memory of Joy” Choices (December)

83) “The Touch of Angels” in the collection Threshold Shift (September) (K)

82) “The Tapestry of Time” Fantasy Adventures 12 (June)

81) “Terrortory” Fusing Horizons 5 (June)

80) “The Man Who Never Read Novels” Cemetery Dance 54 (January)


79) “Life Beyond…” Postscripts 4 (Summer)

78) “Six Weeks in a Balloon” The New Jules Verne Adventures (March)

77) “A Heritage of Stars” Constellations (January) (K)


76) “Dead Star” Fantasy Adventures 11 (October)

75) “PharmOlympics 2032″  ‘9′ 213 (August)

74) “A Choice of Eternities” Postscripts 1 (Spring) (K)


73) “The Frozen Woman” Interzone 190 (July/Aug)

72) “Li Ketsuwan” The Third Alternative 34 (March)

71) “The Wisdom of the Dead” Interzone 186 (February) (K)


70) “Thursday’s Child” Spectrum SF 9 (October) (K)

69) “The Blue Portal” Interzone 180 & 181 (June/July) (N)

68) “Myths of the Martian Future” Mars Probes (June)

67) “The Trees of Terpsichore Three” (with Michael Coney) Spectrum SF 8 (April)

66) “Ulla, Ulla” The Mammoth Book of Science Fiction (March)


65) “The Kéthani Inheritance” Spectrum SF 7 (November) (K)

64) “The Frankenberg Process” Interzone 171 (September)

63) “Instructions for Surviving the Destruction…” Spectrum SF 6 (July)

62) “Ascent of Man” Interzone 167 (May)

61) “The Angels of Life and Death” Spectrum SF 5 (April)

60) “The Children of Winter” Interzone 163 (January)


59) “The Ultimate Sacrifice” Spectrum SF 4 (November) (T)

58) “Beauregard” Dark Terrors 5 (October)

57) “The Miracle at Kallithéa” Spectrum SF 3 (August)

56) “The Crimes of Domini Duvall” SF Age (May) (SO&TM)

55) “Green-Eyed Monster” (with Stephen Baxter) Spectrum SF 2 (April)

54) “Destiny on Tartarus” Spectrum SF 2 (April) (T) (N)

53) “Mind’s Eye” (with Keith Brooke) Spectrum SF 1 (February)

52) “The Denebian Cycle” (with Keith Brooke) Interzone 152 (February) (N)

51) “The Kings of Eternity” SF Age (January)


50) “The People of the Nova” Interzone 150 (December) (T)

49) “Kathmandu Blues” The Edge 2 (Autumn)

48) “Steps Along the Way” Moon Shots (July)

47) “The Flight of the Oh Carrollian” (with Keith Brooke) Interzone 145 (July)

46) “Hunting the Slarque” Interzone 141 (March) (T) (N)

45) “Dark Calvary” SF Age (January) (T)


44) “Venus Macabre” Aboriginal SF (Winter)

43) “Onward Station” Interzone 135 (Sept) (K)

42) “Deep Future” SF Age (July)

41) “Vulpheous” Interzone 129 (March) (T)


40) “Under Antares” (with Keith Brooke) Interzone 126 (December)

39) “The Amazing Mr Endicott” Dare You (Nov)*

38) “When the VR-Bookatron Went Wrong” Out of this World (Nov)*

37) “The Vanishing of the Atkinsons” The New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (Nov) (C)

36) “Skyball” The Edge 5 (Aug/Sept)

35) “The Eschatarium at Lyssia” Interzone 122 (Aug) (T)

34) “Ferryman” New Words (Summer) (K)

33) “Eye of the Beholder” Interzone 119 (May)

32) “A World of Difference” Aliens to Earth (March)*


31) “Sugar and Spice (with Keith Brooke) Interzone 112 (October)

30) “Status Extinct” Space Stories (September)*

29) “Appassionata” (with Keith Brooke) Interzone 109 (July)

28) “The Spacetime Pit” (with Stephen Baxter) Interzone 107 (May)

27) “The Thallian Intervention” The Edge (February)


26) “Blue Shifting” in the collection Blue Shifting (Dec) (N)

25) “Song of Summer” in the collection Blue Shifting (Dec) (TM)

24) “Sunfly” (with Stephen Baxter) Interzone 100 (October)

23) “A Prayer for the Dead” Interzone 96 (June) (T)


22) “Downtime in the MKCR” Interzone 83 (May)


21) “Paramathea” Interzone 73 (June)


20) “Epsilon Dreams” Interzone 59 (May) (BH&TM)

19) “Crystals” New Moon 2 (January)


18) “Elegy Perpetuum” Interzone 52 (October) (E&SO)

17) “The Nilakantha Scream” Interzone 48 (June)

16) “The Phoenix Experiment” The Lyre 1 (Spring/Summer) (E)

15) “Star of Epsilon” REM 1 (Spring/Summer) (E)

14) “Piloting” Interzone 44 (Feb) (TM)


13) “The Pharagean Effect” Interzone 41 (Nov) (BH&TM)

12) “The Inheritors of Earth” in the collection The Time-Lapsed Man… (Aug) (N)

11) “Pithecanthropus Blues” in the collection The Time-Lapsed Man… (Aug) (E)

10) “The Death of Cassandra Quebec” Zenith II (Summer) (TM&SO)

9) “The Meaning of Life” Drabble II (April)


8) “The Disciples of Apollo” Other Edens III

7) “The Art of Acceptance” Strange Plasma 1 (E)

6) “Star Crystals and Karmel” Interzone 31 (Sept/Oct) (BH&TM)


5) “Big Trouble Upstairs” Interzone 26 (Nov/Dec) (E)

4) “The Karma-Kid Transcends” Opus 5 (Spring)

3) “The Time-Lapsed Man” Interzone 24 (Summer) (E)


2) “The Girl Who Died for Art and Lived” Interzone 22 (Winter) (E)

1)  “Krash-Bangg Joe and the Pineal-Zen Equation” Interzone 21 (Autumn) (E)


The Martian Menace – Titan Books, 2020

The Telemass Quartet – PS Publishing, 2019

Murder Served Cold – Severn House, 2018

Buying Time – Solaris, 2018

Murder Takes a Turn – Severn House, 2018

Murder Take Three – Severn House, 2017

Binary System – Solaris, 2017

Murder at the Loch – Severn House, 2016

Jani and the Great Pursuit – Solaris, 2016

Murder at the Chase – Severn House, 2014

Jani and the Greater Game – Solaris, 2014

Salvage – infinity plus, 2013

Satan’s Reach – Abaddon, 2013

The Serene Invasion – Solaris, 2013

Murder by the Book – Severn House, 2013

Starship Seasons – Drugstore Indian Press, 2013

Helix Wars – Solaris, 2012

The Devil’s Nebula – Abaddon, 2012

The Kings of Eternity – Solaris, 2011

Guardians of the Phoenix – Solaris, 2010

Cosmopath – Solaris, 2009

Xenopath – Solaris, 2009

Necropath – Solaris, 2008

Kéthani – Solaris, 2008

Helix – Solaris, 2007

New York Dreams – Gollancz, 2004

New York Blues – Gollancz, 2002

New York Nights – Gollancz, 2000

Penumbra – Orion, 1999

Engineman – Pan Macmillan, 1994

Meridian Days – Pan Macmillan, 1992


Iterations (with Keith Brooke) – PS Publishing, 2020

Telemass Coda – PS Publishing, 2019

Insights (with Keith Brooke) – PS Publishing, 2019

Parasites (with Keith Brooke) – PS Publishing, 2018

Dislocations (with Keith Brooke) – PS Publishing, 2018

The Martian Simulacra – NewCon Press, 2018

Exalted on Belatrix I – PS Publishing, 2017

Starship Coda – PS Publishing, 2016

Reunion on Alpha Reticuli II – PS Publishing, 2016

Sacrifice on Spica III – PS Publishing, 2014

Famadihana on Fomalhaut IV – PS Publishing, 2014

Starship Spring – PS Publishing, 2012

Starship Winter – PS Publishing, 2012

Gilbert and Edgar on Mars – PS Publishing, 2009

Starship Fall – NewCon Press, 2009

Revenge – Barrington Stoke, 2007

Starship Summer – PS Publishing, 2007

The Extraordinary Voyage of Jules Verne – PS Publishing, 2005

Approaching Omega – Telos Publications, 2005

A Writer’s Life – PS Publishing, 2001


The Disciples of Apollo – PS Publishing, 2019

The Ice Garden – PS Publishing, 2019

The Spacetime Pit (with Stephen Baxter) – infinity Plus, 2018

Microcosms (with Tony Ballantyne) – infinity Plus, 2017

Rites of Passage – infinity plus, 2014

Strange Visitors – NewCon Press, 2014

The Angels of Life and Death – infinity plus, 2013

Ghostwriting – infinity plus, 2012

Threshold Shift – Golden Gryphon, 2006

The Fall of Tartarus – Gollancz, 2005

Deep Future – Cosmos Books, 2001

Parallax View (with Keith Brooke) – Sarob Press, 2000

Blue Shifting – Pan Macmillan, 1995

The Time-Lapsed Man and other stories – Pan Macmillan, 1990

Books for children:

A Monster Ate My Marmite – Barrington Stoke, 2011

A Dinosaur Ate My Socks –Barrington Stoke, 2009

Guilty – Barrington Stoke, 2009

An Alien Ate Me for Breakfast – Barrington Stoke, 2007

Crazy Love – Barrington Stoke, 2006

British Front – Barrington Stoke, 2005

Space Ace – Barrington Stoke, 2005

Firebug – Barrington Stoke, 2003

Twocking – Barrington Stoke, 2002

The Web: Walkabout – Orion Dolphin, 1999

The Web: Untouchable – Orion Dolphin, 1997


George and the Red Giant (adapted from Stephen Baxter’s short story, “George and the Comet”) – Seeing Ear Theater, 2000

Noel’s Ark (a radio play for children) – Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1982

As Editor:

The Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Adventures (with Mike Ashley) – Constable Robinson, 2005


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  1. Marc Goodman

    Just read kings of eternity…. I simply couldn’t put it down. I don’t see any sign of a sequel but I for one would love to see one.
    Kindest regards and thank you.

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  4. Jay

    Just read Alien Tithe… AWESOME! Do you have any follow up stories to it?

    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks for this. No, no follow up tales planned. However. I did expand the premise of “An Alien Tithe” and outlined it as a novel – but no-one wanted it. Hey-ho. I might try it again one day as a novella. Cheers!

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