Kon-Tiki Coda & the Enigma Quartet

Click here to read about Kon-Tiki Coda, written with Keith Brooke, from PS Publishing…

Here I am, on the right, with Keith Brooke, a few years ago at a convention in Harrogate. I’m looking happy – it’s always grand to see Keith, but sadly these days it’s not that often. What with the lockdowns, and living around four hundred miles from each other… That doesn’t stop us collaborating, though.


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4 responses to “Kon-Tiki Coda & the Enigma Quartet

  1. Jeff

    Just ordered the Kon-Tiki Coda and looking forward to the Enigma Quartet! Sorry that’s not you appearing at WorldCon–any chance of a virtual author event in the meantime? Thank you for all you write!

  2. When I click on ‘here’ it takes me to a gmail site that says I have no account access here however I have a gmail account and it’s not letting me go any further.

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