Ace Doubles

My novella, Ace Doubles, is available now from Stone Owl Stories.

What happens when the immovable object meets the unstoppable force? What happens when my love of science fiction met the cynicism of the market place? Perhaps it resulted in my alter ego, the SF writer Ed Bentley, and what happened when he met the YouTuber Penny Cotton… Ace Doubles chronicles Ed’s involvement not only with Penny, but with pulp SF writer George Lattimer. But was the fantastic series of events that visited Lattimer in later life nothing more than a hallucination brought about by his illness?

Ace Doubles was inspired by my love of Ace Doubles, my infatuation with science fiction, and real life.



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4 responses to “Ace Doubles

  1. Lee Pfahler

    Mine came in the mail earlier this month inscribed and signed! Thanks!!

  2. I absolutely loved this story and left a five-star rating on Goodreads for it; I think anyone who gets a warm nostalgic feeling from the words “Ace Doubles” would love it too, This and “Kings of Eternity” are my two favorites of yours, Mr. Brown. Wonderful stuff.

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