Stories of Hope

Out now is Stories of Hope, edited by Ian Whates, from NewCon Press – the proceeds from which will be donated to the NHS and healthcare workers. The anthology contains stories by Stephen Baxter, Peter Hamilton, Christopher Priest and many more. Also included is my “The Kings of Eternity”, from which grew my novel of the same title. To buy it, click here



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4 responses to “Stories of Hope

  1. Lee Pfahler

    Hi Eric! It’s been a long time since we’ve been in contact. Sorry, totally my fault! Anyhow I got a notice that this is a new book by you “Search for Sol (Part One) (Carbonyte Book 1)” Kindle Edition. Is this true?

    • Hi Lee,

      Thanks for this, and good to hear from you. Interesting… but no – this isn’t one of mine. My last SF novel came out in March – The Martian Menace (Titan Books) – and I have a crime novel due out in August. Some time this year, the fourth novella in the Kon-Tiki quartet written with Keith Brooke, is due out from PS Publishing.

      I hope this finds you and yours fit and well in these trying times – Eric.

      • Lee Pfahler

        I’m glad I checked because I manage an unofficial Eric Brown Fan Page on Facebook and always announce your new books on it. That would have been embarrassing! But I was suspicious because you hadn’t mentioned anything about it on your website.

        Obviously Amazon is confused because they listed some of your actual books with this other “Eric Brown’s” book making it sound like he is you. I do in fact have all of your latest releases but I am behind in reading them. Take care!

  2. Thanks for this, Lee. It’s worrying… I ‘Looked Inside’ this Search for Sol, and it’s dreadful. I don’t want folk thinking I wrote it.

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