I was taking a look at my website the other day, and I happened to notice how many of my titles have been put out by Infinity Plus ebooks – most of my back-list, in fact. In days of yore, before ebooks, these books – collections, novels, and novellas – would have rapidly fallen out of print and been unavailable. Happily we live in an age where that need never happen. What is particularly gratifying about having my backlist so readily to hand is that many of the titles are ones which are close to my heart; the collections The Time-Lapsed Man, and Blue Shifting, and The Fall of Tartarus, contain some of my best shorter work, and my finest novella, A Writer’s Life, is also available, as well as my first novel, Meridian Days, and the title which is a steady seller as an ebook, Penumbra.

If you’re a fan of ebooks, you could do worse than check out a few of the following titles – all at incredibly competitive prices.

A Writer’s Life –  Amazon US – Amazon UK

The Fall of Tartarus –  Amazon US – Amazon UK

The Spacetime Pit Plus Two (with Stephen Baxter) Amazon US – Amazon UK

The Time-Lapsed Man and other stories –  Amazon US – Amazon UK

Meridian Days – Amazon US – Amazon UK

Penumbra –  Amazon US – Amazon UK

The Angels of Life and Death – Amazon US – Amazon UK

Approaching Omega – Amazon US – Amazon UK

Blue Shifting – Amazon US – Amazon UK

GhostwritingAmazon US – Amazon UK

Rites of Passage –  Amazon US – Amazon UK

Salvage –  Amazon US – Amazon UK

Parallax View –  Amazon US – Amazon UK

Deep Future – Amazon US – Amazon UK

Microcosms Amazon US – Amazon UK


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3 responses to “Ebooks

  1. Steve Hatton

    Any chance of Starship Seasons.being released as an ebook. Can’t seem to find a copy anywhere, Amazon have one on its Marketplace for £177.

    • Hi Steve, Thanks for this. £177 is a bit excessive, isn’t it?! I’ll check with PS about the e-book of the omnibus edition. The individual titles (Starship Summer, Starship Fall, Starship Winter, and Starship Spring) are all available as e-books, two of the titles for free, and two at three pounds or so.) Cheers.

      • Steve Hatton

        Hi Eric, Thanks. I will look for those. The collection is one of the few books I have of yours. Got the first (Time Lapsed Man) at a Novacon back in the day. Its a small hardback signed by your good self over a pint when I used to work for Andromeda at cons. Its the edition that Rog Peyton published under Drunken Dragon Press. Don’t know if you where aware that Dave Holmes from Andromeda died last year. It was very sudden, from being diagnosed with cancer to his death within 3 months. I was Dave’s best friend, best man at hi wedding and God father to his kids, we all miss him so much.

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