So America has voted a narcissistic, bigoted fascist as its leader. There’s an excellent article about the debacle in the New Yorker.

I’m glad I live in liberal Scotland, but there’ll be no getting away from his evil influence.



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  1. Mark Stephenson

    Eric, tonight I got an email from a liberal, American magazine called “Mother Jones” to which I subscribe. The email asked the question: “How are you holding up?” Below is my response, redacted in some places since I do not know how proper you wish to keep your blog. Let me say that I have never been more ashamed to be an American. Not by Nixon. Not by Reagan. Not by George W. And I am sincerely sorry to you, your country and to the rest of the world for the malignancy that my country has become. I no longer respect its flag. I no longer believe what it claims to be its founding principles. I no longer respect its institutions, and I don’t care knows it. Do not trust this country, do not value its promises, do not accept its claims of friendship without making sure you have a firm grip on whatever you value. The America I knew is gone. I don’t know this country anymore and feel no allegiance to it whatsoever.

    Here is my response to that email, redacted. P.S. – Love your work. More “Weird Space” please!


    “How am I holding up? Let me tell you how I am holding up. I hate, positively hate, my country. The #######k ####s of this retrograde, mother#######g #### pile have elected a compulsive lying, misogynist, swindling, megalomaniacal psychotic to be the president of the United F#####g States because they were mad that a “nigger” was in the “White” House for eight years. (BTW, I am a 65-year-old, corporate white guy, not a BLM “agitator.” Obama was too good for this country, and so am I.) They knew, as expressed in exit polls, that this mother######g bastard was unqualified to be president and dangerous to democracy, but they voted for him anyway out of mindless, inchoate anger at “something.” 53 percent of the women he wants to grab by the p###y voted for the bastard. 26 percent of the Hispanics he wants to deport voted for him. 33 percent of the Millenials whose children, like my grandson, will have to live out their lives with the horrific effects of climate change voted for the mother#####r. And assholes my age, many of whom ought to be confined to f#####g homes or ground up as fertilizer, voted for the son of a bitch who will oversee a Congress of whores who will voucherize Medicare, do away with Medicaid for the poor and cut Social Security. That will devastate my life as well in five years when I planned to retire at 70, having spent most of what I would have saved for retirement so that my son would not graduate college with $120 thousand in college debt. My strategy now will be a quick and painless bullet in the mouth if I can’t make it someday because Social Security income has been cut and big pharma has raised prices to the point at which I can no longer afford the f#####g blood pressure medication I have been taking since age 40. I have the hardware already, so no problem, this being America, after all. It will be quick and painless. All I need to do is decide when and where. Not now. When the time comes.

    How am I holding up? That is how the #### I am holding up, thank you. But until my dying day, which I will probably decide, I will hate this f#####g, perfidious. putrefactive, racist lie of a country until I draw my last breath.

    Any other questions?”

    Thanks for listening, Eric. More of the “Weird Spacers” please. If not, I will have to have Obergrupenfuhrer Trump nuke Scotland. No, wait. He has a golf course there. You’re safe.

    Mark Stephenson

    • Dear Mark,

      Thank you for this heart-felt and harrowing piece. I feel for you. But it can only get better, from here on, surely; you have good men in your country, fighting for what is right – not what is Right: Obama is a gentleman and a credit to his country, and there are many like him, yourself included. It’s hard to know what to say as consolation at times like these. I read a great book recently, Resistance by Agnes Humbert, a memoir of that fine woman’s time in the French resistance and, later, as a slave labourer in Germany. What came over, as well as the barbarism of the Nazi regime, is how she and many others opposed and survived the forces of evil. That’s what what we must do now, in whatever small, or large, way we can.

      Thank you for your kind words re Weird Space: Una McCormack has just written the fourth volume, Star of the Sea, and it’s a beauty.

      Chin up.

      Very best, Eric.

      • Mark Stephenson

        Thanks, Eric. I appreciate the recommendation and I will look up that book. In the cooler light of day I realize that some of what I responded to the magazine was intended for its shock value and was written at a very, very low and exhausted point for me emotionally. The question seemed so trivial at what feels like such a desperate time for our republic and perhaps even the world that some shock value was warranted. The image I have in mind today is of that brave poster distributed in Britain during the darkest days of WWII, days that were, at least so far, much darker than today: “Keep Calm and Carry On.” I will try to keep it in mind as I work to support the good people standing against the wave of xenophobia and racism that has bubbled up out of the gutters here.

        I just felt that I needed to apologize to someone outside our borders, preferably with whom I almost share the same language, over the embarrassment and sadness I feel about what has happened here. On the brighter side, Ms. Clinton has far and away won the aggregate “popular vote,” which in a saner society would override our idiotic “Electoral College” structure written into the Constitution created after that disagreement we had with King George in the 18th century. That is a consolation, at least. Thanks again.

  2. jackdstephen

    I feel for you too and Eric is right that we have to keep going. Please don’t do anything that might mean you can’t help kick Trump (or his successor, you never know) out next time.
    (Btw that “Keep Calm” poster was never distributed during the War. It was one of a few that were commissioned but not all were used. It mouldered in someone’s attic or something until about 15 years ago a copy turned up in a box of stuff in Borders bookshop in Alnwick, Northumberland.)

    • As Jack pointed out when I used the ‘Keep Calm’ poster in one of my 1950’s crime novels!

    • Mark Stephenson

      Thanks, Jack, including the history lesson. Interesting. I did not know that about the posters.

      No, admittedly a lot of what I responded to Mother Jones (who was, BTW, a famous union organizer and leader, hence the moniker for a very good left-leaning publication) was in the heat and despair and rage of the moment. I think the solution is exactly as you say, hang in there and fight against the darkness. I am heartened by the spontaneous demonstrations that have sprung up around the nation and even Canada. What I am most angry about is that this was little more than a coup d’état to create one-party rule to overturn the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt, i.e. The New Deal programs that rescued this country from the Great Depression. That has been the Holy Grail of the Right in this country for generations.

      From the obsession with Hillary’s emails (Bush-Cheney erased over 2 million and both Colin Powell and Condie Rice had private email servers), to the massive voter suppression committed by Republican politicians across America, to the deliberate sabotage by the head of our Federal Bureau of Investigation, this was anything but a free and fair election. It was a seizure of power that the architect of the Beerhall Putsch of the 1930s would have appreciated. Not to mention the election of a candidate who I consider to be an actual traitor inasmuch as he has the full moral and possible material support of Putin, the latter in terms of the email hacks of one, curiously not both, political parties.

      I am dumbfounded and living with a sense of unreality that this could happen … that we could have as the “leader of the free world” one of the most disgusting, venal and egomaniacal idiots in recent memory. You are aware perhaps of an ongoing legal action against him to answer for an alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl some years ago? I am embarrassed for my country and can barely imagine what we look like to the rest of the world, whose opinions, like yours, I respect. Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton, not the ideal candidate certainly, still received 2 million more popular votes than Trump, so more of us are sane than you might think. The idiocy of our so called “Electoral College” and the distribution of votes by state are the factors that swung the election.

      Thanks for your thoughts. This is the last time I will sully Eric’s site with this political garbage. Right now my first loves, science fiction in general and space opera in particular, seem a lot more real to me that what is happening in the country I thought I knew.

      • Mark Stephenson

        “than what is happening…” Maddening that these little goofs so easily slip by when keyboarding. Longing for the days of proofing 100% on paper with red pencil in hand. Yes, I am a writer too, but nowhere near Eric’s abilities. I have spent my life in editorial, marketing and corporate garrets. Often rather suffocating, but the money is good…

  3. jackdstephen

    I have heard that Trump was even bankrolled by Putin (not just the beneficiary of one-sided email hacks) and also of the rape allegation, withdrawn now, I’m told, because the victim has received death threats.

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