Leaving the EU

It’s a sad day for Great Britain. The small-minded, insular xenophobes have won the day. The Leave voters have brought chaos to the country, and to Europe. It’s never wise to split countries into smaller units which have the potential, in years to come, to go to war. The chances are that Scotland will now leave the union of Great Britain, and maybe Northern Ireland will too. Britain will soon be ruled by a Conservative Party led by Gove, Johnson, or some other Brexit lackey, and the thought appals me. The European Union wasn’t perfect, and needed reforming, but it brought peace to Europe, and I hope it will continue to do so and will not crumble under the demand of multiple referenda in member states, and the consequent rise of the Right.



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14 responses to “Leaving the EU

  1. Mark Stephenson

    Eric, number one, I love your work. Number two, I am in complete agreement with you about Brexit. It is xenophobia writ large, a surrender to the darkness of the past and a rejection of the future and our better natures. Sad, depressing and frightening. As an American, I live in fear that the moron who espouses the same crap here might be voted into power by the significant percentage of morons who have swallowed his filth and that I unfortunately have to share a continent with. They are as despicable as their new Fuhrer. I strongly, strongly doubt that he will win the election, but if he does I intend to wear a black armband every day until he is either impeached or leaves office. If I had the resources and freedom from family ties, I would leave America and never return. I sincerely hope it will not happen. My family heritage is British, generations removed. I am with you in spirit, as a fan of your work and as a rational, 21st century human being looking to the future, not the past.

  2. Andrew Pennington

    If you look at the areas of England (the other members of the UK have different agendas) that voted for Brexit, you see they are predominantly the old industrial areas in the NE, NW, The Midlands, east of London etc. These are the poorest areas which have gradually become more depressed since the 1970s. Basically this has been a confrontation between the haves and the have-nots. It has been a class battle, and as is often the case with wars, this battle has been fought on neutral territory. This was not simply about the EU. People voting for Brexit were sticking two fingers up at the political and economic establishment. They were not considering the probable break up of the UK, or the consequences on the delicate peace in Northern Ireland. They were not considering the fears of the Baltic states regarding Russian expansionism, or multinationals moving their businesses to remain in the EU. They voted to get ‘their country’ back, which means so many things to so many people as to be utterly meaningless. Ultimately, we the electorate are ignorant fools. We should not be asked about difficult things. David Cameron should be forced to spend the rest of his days as Donald Trump’s Groom Of The Stool for calling the referendum.
    Keep up the good work Mr. Brown!

  3. piningforthewest

    It started when Thatcher trashed our industries deliberately, the upshot being that so many people had no hope for the future. It’s just a shame that Cameron doesn’t know his history, that Hitler used referendums to get a mandate from the people for his despicable actions.

  4. Just read The Serene Invasion and loved it, as I have all your books. I’ll even forgive you labelling me a “small-minded, insular xenophobe”, as emotions were running high at that point 😉

    • Thanks for this, Steve. I’m delighted you enjoyed Serene.
      I’m under no illusion that everyone who voted Leave was small-minded, insular and xenophobic. I know many people, members of my family included, who voted to leave for legitimate, economic reasons. However, those who were small-minded, insular and xenophobic, who did vote Leave, have won the day, which is what I wrote.

      • Mark Stephenson

        Eric, I have to tell you, you have no idea – none at all – what “small-minded, insular and xenophobic” really means until you have heard anything belched up by the average, know-nothing Trump supporter. I would also offer “vulgar, mean-spirited, racist, jingoistic, thuggish” to the mix. Do you have a spare room I can rent in the country of my ancestry, just in case? 8-))

        BTW – “Binary” sounds terrific. Can’t wait!

      • Hi Mark,

        What we hear of Trump via the media over here is enough – I’m glad I’m spared his supporters. Surely, surely, he can’t win, can he? But we have a sofa spare if he does…

  5. fred

    True democracy at last. If you don’t like the result go live in a communist regime!!!!

    • Why should I go live in a communist regime if I don’t like the result, Fred? I have every right to register my critique of the referendum result. That’s true democracy.

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