Short Stories

th_02e3658482b7a537b889b02165923b2f_lightspeed_68_january_2016My latest short story, written with Keith Brooke, “Beyond the Heliopause”, is out now in Lightspeed magazine. It’s the tale of one woman’s discovery of something very strange lurking on the edge of the solar system. More information about Lightspeed here.

“The Ice Garden” should be appearing in the anthology Improbable Botany, edited by Gary Dalkin, in February.

“Starship Coda”, the ten thousand word wrap-up of the Starship Season series, will appear as a chap book this Easter from PS Publishing. Set ten years after the events depicted in the final volume of the quartet, Starship Spring, it recounts what happens when David Conway is visited by his ex-wife on the colony world of Chalcedony, Delta Pavonis.

Microcosms, a collection of short-short stories, will appear from Infinity Plus Books later this year. It will contain forty short-shorts, twenty by Tony Ballantyne and as many by me.

On the novella front, I’ve just submitted the third Telemass novella, Reunion on Alpha Reticuli II, to PS Publishing. It will be out later this year.

I’ve recently had three short stories appear at Penny Shorts, here.



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