Next year will see the publication of Jani and the Great Pursuit, the second volume of the Multiplicity series, which will see Jani, and her friends Alfie Littlebody and Anand, fleeing for their lives around the globe from London to Tibet…

The third volume of the Telemass Quartet, Reunion on Alpha Reticuli II, will be out from PS Publishing, followed later in the year by the fourth novella, as yet untitled.

A planned collaboration with Tony Ballantyne is in its early stages. He came up to Scotland last year and, as we were strolling around the seaside town of North Berwick, we started chatting about the writing of short-short stories. We discovered that we both loved writing them – as a relief from the writing of novels – and that we’d written a couple of handfuls each. Immediately the idea of a collaborative collection came to mind, with the title of Microcosms. Of course no big, commercial publisher would be interested – collections don’t sell, after all – but we thought a smaller press might be interested. We parted with the promise that we’d write more short-shorts in the interim – and, by early next year, we should have enough to launch the book.

On the short story front, “The Ice Garden” will be appearing in Gary Dalkin’s Improbable Botany anthology later this year. Five or six other short stories are currently doing the rounds of magazines and anthologies.


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