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ritesofpassage_ebookcoverHere are the covers of my next two books. Rites of Passage, due out from infinity plus books in a few weeks, is a collection of four long stories, one of which has never appeared anywhere before. “Beneath the Ancient Sun” is set on a far future Earth where giant crabs and a swollen sun threaten humanity’s existence. The three other tales are “Bartholomew Burns and the Brain Invaders”,  a Victorian steampunk romp wherein the eponymous hero saves the world from alien invasion;  “Guardians of the Phoenix” in which a band of humans cross a lifeless desert in search of water in a post-apocalyptic world, and “Sunworld” which charts the journey of a young man who makes a discovery about himself and his world that will change everything forever.

* * *

Murder at the Chase 2Murder at the Chase is the second in the Langham and Dupré series of mystery stories set in the 1950s. This one follows the sleuthing couple – Donald Langham is a thriller writer, Maria Dupré his agent – as they investigate the disappearance of a fellow writer in a sleepy Suffolk village, an investigation which soon leads to murder. Murder at the Chase will be published in August.



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6 responses to “Latest Titles

  1. Lee Pfahler

    I am not seeing Rites of Passage on the Infinity Plus website.

  2. Mark Stephenson

    Hi, Eric. I really enjoyed your two Weird Space novels. Great fun space operas in the classic style. Are there any more coming in the series?

    • Hi, Mark. Sorry for the delay in replying. The next title in the series, co-written with Una McCormack and provisionally titled Mother Love, will be out in the Spring of 2015.

  3. Lee Pfahler

    I am seeing different release dates for Murder at the Chase. Amazon US shows a December date while The Book Depository shows an August released date. Is it being released in England sooner than the US?

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